Steve Hackett > Darktown


26 avril 1999
Camino CAMCD17 CD


Original release

01 Omega Metallicus
02 Darktown
03 Man Overboard
04 The Golden Age of Steam
05 Days of Long Ago
06 Dreaming with Open Eyes
07 Twice Around the Sun
08 Rise Again
09 Jane Austen’s Door
10 Darktown Riot
11 In Memoriam

Remaster (2013)

01 Omega Metallicus
02 Darktown
03 Man Overboard
04 The Golden Age of Steam
05 Days of Long Ago
06 Dreaming with Open Eyes
07 Twice Around the Sun
08 Rise Again
09 Jane Austen’s Door
10 Darktown Riot
11 In Memoriam

12 Flame
13 Coming Home To The Blues
14 Fast Flower

Steve Hackett : guitar handler (01), lacerated guitar (02), ambient harmonica (02), narration (02), seascape (03), The Siedlaczek choir (03), Davy Jones Locker guitar (03), thumb piano (03), rainstick (03), 12 string (03), harmonica (03), orchestral simulation (03), woodwind (04), end choir (04), additional strings (04), guitars (05), violins (05), rhythm shaped from slapped & slowed nylon guitar (06), voice, guitar & vibrator through pickups (06), slap echo guitar (07), vocals & Gibson Goldtop guitar (08), Les Paul Goldtop guitars & vocals (09), talking guitar, Fernandes Sustainer & droning voice (10), bugle guitar, jazz tone guitar, nylon guitar & vocals (11), voiceover (11)
Roger King : rhythm design (01-07-09-10), guitar trainer (01), keys (02), bass extractions (02), seascape (03), post production (04-05), drumming & flageolet (04), woodwind (04), keyboards (09), bass (09), mellotron plundering, marcato string stealing & choir hijacking (10); Siedlaczek choir (11), virtual drums (11), strings, choir & mellotron (11)
Ben Fenner : guitar trainer (01), seascape (03), marcato string arrangement & design (04), children's choir (04), post production (05), mellotron (07), DX7 and organ particles (07), drum post production (08)
Sir Douglas Sinclair : bass (01), fretless bass (07)
Ian McDonald : sax (02)
Julian Colbeck : keys (02)
Richard Buckland : seascape (03)
Jerry Peal : woodwind (04), bells (04), additional strings (04), bass, strings and keys (06)

Mae : end choir (04)
Jamie McKenna : end choir (04)
Jim Diamond : vocals (05)
Billy Budis : cello line (05), bass guitar (08)
John Hackett : flute & pan pipe (06)
Hugo Degenhardt : drums (08)
Aron Friedman : drum post production (08), piano & keyboards (08)
Beats 'n' The Hood : rhythm design (10)
John Wetton : bass samples (11)

All tracks written by Steve Hackett except "Days Of Long Ago" written by Jim Diamond & Steve Hackett
Produced by Steve Hackett
Mastered by Ben Fenner
01-02-09-10-11 : recorded & mixed by Roger King
03 : recorded by Richard Buckland, Ben Fenner & Roger King, mixed by Ben Fenner & Roger King
04 : recorded by Ben Fenner, Jerry Peal & Roger King, mixed by Jerry Peal & Roger King
05 : recorded & mixed by Billy Budis
06 : recorded & mixed by Jerry Peal
: recorded by Ben Fenner, Jerry Peal & Roger King, mixed by Roger King
08 : recorded by Richard Buckland & Ben Fenner, mixed by Ben Fenner


Take a trip take a ride
Through Darktown don't be shy
Gather by the clocktower take
Your seats
Glad you're here it's for keeps
Festering wounds from years
Gone by
Toxic waste you buried inside

In Darktown

Take a turn step on down
Through an alleyway you'll find
By the backstreet trash resides
The underworld you tried
To hide
And from a dark corner where
Walls loom high
You'll hear the sound of a small
Child's cry

In Darktown

Legions of hate schools of fear
Proudly accomplished their
Mission here
A hidden agenda behind
The eyes
For the gifted ones they most
They couldn't do it in the X-rated
But presided over the boys
And girls

In Darktown

It's all on camera it's all on film
On the couch in the shower
The stains are there still
Drink to the ones who dished
Out the marks
Rabid animals right from the start
It's happy hour shut the
Beasts away
Come along children it's time
To play
In Darktown

Man Overboard

We'll sit and watch the sun

Go down
See the waves wash to and fro
The world runs by sailboat slow

We'll anchor at the sight of land
Never doing all the things
We planned
The sun sinks down way below

You pushed a man overboard
In the middle of a stormy sea
The wind blows high the palm
Trees moan

I think about you night and day
I'm sorry when I hear you say
The coast is clear we'll head

For home.

The Golden Age Of Steam

12 years old in Amsterdam in 1939
A blue-eyed boy my clean
Complexion always got me by
A boy with real potential sold
Secrets by the score
Where refugees were hiding I'd
Just point out the doors
In the golden age of steam
I learned those German songs
I had to stay alive there was
No right or wrong
In the golden age of steam

The fatherland was rising the
World would hear the roar
Both sides fed and trusted me
By 1944
Trains ran on time those days
Oiling the machine
Smoke rose up like serpents
I was barely seventeen
In the golden age of steam

It's over now but not somehow
I was a hero then to many men

Switzerland was a short ride for
An eager blond haired boy
With a silver smile and loaded
With jewellery to enjoy
Maybe one day they'll come for
Me they'll take me from my bed
A soldier of fortune that's what
My passport read
In the golden age of steam

Days Of Long Ago

When I wasn't looking I found
And the nights they don't seem
So long
There are moments when I just
Can't believe
That I've waited so long

So take me and love me don't
Ever let me go
Oh take me and hold me you
Know I want you so
Cause you're so precious like
The days of long ago

And I feel now that I can make it
Like the sunshine of a new day
All those times of so much
Confusion feel them drifting away
Feel them drifting away

So take me and love me don't
Ever let me go
Yeah take me and hold me you
Know I want you so
Cause you're so precious like
The days of long ago

Dreaming WIth Open Eyes

A rainy drive on a long straight
Can cause time to lose its
And the mind to wander far
From the act of driving
Interruptions at every curve
No longer jangle against your
A rainbow bridge is not far away
Now you're standing on the
Steps of a fountain
On a hot summer's day

Running along a tree-lined
Slowing your pace until you feel
Your heart beats in rhythm to
The first light of day
Now you're running down a
In the cool blue shade

A waterfall where you lift your
Colours cascade from green
To red
And the fireflies that dance
When the light is fading
You drift away on the night ride
With eyes that dream as much
As they see
The wind in the willows winding
Through the grass
The drawbridge of consciousness
Is lifted at last

Where are you going?
Towards the sky
Between the craters of the sun
And the moon
Flying through entrances
Floating free

Rise Again

Take me where the sun don't
Shine no more
And the moon echoes where
Once was light
The wind is howling but it has
No face
I know that we will rise again

We will fly from this city of
The dead
Even if our ship flies a pirate sail
Underneath a bruised and
Broken sky
I know that we will rise again

There are skies of scarlet and
Skies of grey
I'll keep them in my heart always
Like the sea loves the land
I know that we will rise again

Jane Austen's Door

Has Jean Paul Sartre
Deserted you
Do you still listen to the blues
Is there a needle beside
Your hand
A poisoned chalice or the
Promised land
Some doors open some
Doors close
Do opposites still seem close

Did Ruby Tuesday get to you
Or the caretaker whose film
We used
A purple rose that was ignored
The child behind Jane Austen's

Oh has your life seemed
With all those friends you
Left behind
We burned our bridges fast
Those days
Don't think about them it
Doesn't pay

My drunken guitar
Sloane Square tube
Falling backwards me and you
Tumbling over to the floor
You cried inside
Jane Austen's door

So long

Let it die let it go

Heureusement vivre dans
Une cage
Un homme et femme peut etre
Mon age
I'll take your part when this
Wheel turns
How many lifetimes it takes
To learn

So goodbye goodbye little star
Forgive yourself heal that scar
A purple rose that was ignored
The light inside
Jane Austen's door

Shine on

In Memoriam

For someone else the blues
And greens
The dreaming spires the
Skintight jeans
The armchair armies on the march
The transfer unit tube and mask
Who needs all the endless lies
That serve to keep the world alive
To taste the sweetness of the
And not regret mistakes I've made

In memoriam

Goodbye to all the angry dawns
Committee meetings pistols drawn
You can keep the rave reviews
The priests and the guards the
Prisons and zoos
Goodbye to all the nation's pride
Farewell to those all choosing
A side
In hut number twelve they're
Issuing guns
But only for the chose ones

In memoriam