Phil Collins > Face Value


01 In The Air Tonight
02 This Must Be Love
03 Behind The Lines
04 The Roof Is Leaking
05 Droned
06 Hand In Hand
07 I Missed Again
08 You Know What I Mean
09 Thunder And Lightning
10 I'm Not Moving
11 If Leaving Me Is Easy
12 Tomorrow Never Knows

Produced by Phil Collins
Assisted by Hugh Padgham
Engineered by Hugh Padgham (8 track engineering by, Phil Collins)
Assistant engineers: Nick Launay (London) Karen Segal (L.A.)
Recorded at Old Croft, The Townhouse, Village Recorder L.A.
Mastered at Sterling Sound NY

EWF Horns courtesy of Earth Wind and Fire
Arranged by Tom Tom 84
Music Preparation by Maurice Spears
Strings arranged by Arif Mardin
Strings (courtesy of Martyn Ford)
Violins: Gavyn Wright (leader), Ken Sillitoe Richard Studt, Irvine Arditti, Bruce Dukor, Peter Oxen, David Woodcock, Liz Edwards, Bill Benham.
Violas: Brian Hawkins, Roger Best, Simon Whistler
Cellos: Clive Anstee, Nigel Warren-Green, Tony Pleeth
Double Bass. Chris Lawrence

All Songs written by Phil Collins Except 'Behind The Lines' written by Banks, Collins, Rutherford and `Tomorrow Never Knows' written by Lennon and McCartney