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ARD 3937308571 (DVD PAL)

Please Don't Touch
Racing In A
Ace Of Wands
Tower Struck Down/Spectral Mornings
Kim (Acoustic Section)
Shadow Of The Hierophant/Clocks - The Angel Of Mons

Bonus Tracks :
Carry On Up The Vicarage
Introduction Of The Band Members
Star Of Sirius

On November 8th 1978 Steve Hackett and his new band played a live session at the "Musikladen" studio, and now for the first time on DVD here is that session!

Steve Hackett : guitar, vocals
John Hackett :  flute, guitar, bass pedals
Nick Magnus : keyboards
John Shearer : drums
Dik Cadbury : bass, vocals
Pete Hicks : vocals

This concert was first broadcast on 14th May 1979 by Radio Bremen
The bonus material found on this DVD was not originally broadcast

Picture Format: PAL
Region Code: 2
Languages: English/German
Audio: Dolby Digital Mono 2.0/Dolby Digital 5.1 Stereo
Approx. running times 57 mins (show) ; 14 mins (bonus footage)