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LP: Charisma CAS 1167 (UK)
CD: Charisma CAS CD 1167 (UK)

CD: Virgin CASCDR1167 (EU) (Remaster)

01 At Night
02 Floating Dogs
03 Quiet And Alone
04 Close Up (From Family Snapshot)
05 Slow Water
06 Dressing The Wound
07 Birdy's Flight (From Not One Of Us)
08 Slow Marimbas
09 The Heat (From Rhythm Of The Heat)
10 Sketch Pad With Trumpet And Voice
11 Under Lock And Key
12 Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain (From San Jacinto)

Enregistrement et mixage : studios Real World (GB)

Peter Gabriel
Jon Hassell
The Drummers of Ekome
Larry Fast
Tony Levin
Jerry Marotta
David Rhodes

Produit par Peter Gabriel et Daniel Lanois