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01 In The Air Tonight (Demo)
02 I Missed Again (Demo)
03 If Leaving Me Is Easy (Demo)
04 The Man With The Horn
05 I Like The Way
06 Big Noise (Instrumental)
07 Homeless ("Another Day In Paradise" Demo)
08 Lionel ("Do You Remember" Demo)
09 Broadway Chorus ("Something Happened On The Way To Heaven" Home Demo)
10 Around The World In 80 Presets
11 Rad Dudeski
12 Don't Call Me Ashley
13 Both Sides Of The Demo (Early Demo)
14 Everyday (Early Demo)
15 For A Friend
16 Stevie's Blues ("There's A Place For Us" Instrumental)
17 It's Everywhere
18 Tears Of A Clown (Wake Up Call) (2003 Version)