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01 The Whisperer
02 Beggars Festival
03 The Archer
04 You Know Me Too Well
05 Flight To Maricaibo
06 You've Got To Jive To Stay Alive
07 Festival City
08 Freeway Jam

Produced by Sweetbottom
Executive Producers - Sweetbottom & John Ertl
Mixed by Daryl Stuermer

Daryl Stuermer - Guitars
Warren Wiegratz - Saxes, Flute & Keyboards
Duane Stuermer - Bass & Vocals
Mike Murphy - Drums & Percussion
Kostia - Keyboards

Recorded live at Shank Hall - December 26 & 27, 2002
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Recorded by Chris Adler
Live Sound Engineer - Chris Adler
Technicians - Jim Hanson & Richard Henry
Mixed at Urban Island Studio, Milwaukee, WI.
Mastered by Gary Tanin at MultiMusica, Milwaukee, WI.
Additional Editing by Gary Tanin

Art Direction - Mark Moehrke, Pete Moehrke for Vibrant Studios
Design - Mark Moehrke
Photography - Robert Fritsch
Album Co-ordinator - Michaela Carey for Urban Island Music
Executive Assistant - Marijeanne Gorectke

Special Thanks to Bob Fritsch, Perri & Marco Giorgi, Jimmy Sardino, Jeff Stark, Steve Scott and the staff at WJZI